Welcome to getOpenSource.info, a directory of open source projects.

  1. Find an open-source software for your need. Learn more ↓
    getOpenSource.info is a directory of open-source projects; organised using tags. Head over to the explore page and enter some tags to view available open-source projects; sorted in order of popularity for your pleasure.
    For example, here is the list of all available JavaScript frameworks in order of their popularity.
  2. Find alternatives of software you are currently using. Learn more ↓
    Using a suboptimal software and looking for something free to replace it with? Or just want to look around for similar software? Visit any software's page to find other similar and alternative software, listed in order of recommendations.
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    Love HTML5 and want to keep track of upcoming interesting projects in HTML5? We've got you covered. Just subsribe to HTML5 tag feed and updates will be delivered right into your feed reader.
    You can subscribe to any tag. Just type it in at the explore page, click Search and then click on the feed icon. It's that simple.
  4. Are you a developer? Reach the audience who is looking for you. Learn more ↓
    One of the primary goal of getOpenSource.info is to act as a platform for developers to expose their open-source projects to the world.
    You can start with adding your project. Add some tags to help people discover your project, then add some alternatives and let people find your project right from your rival's page! *
    * Yup, it works both ways, projects to which your project is listed as alternative, are also listed as alternative to yours. So people can discover your rivals right from your page. Open-source is all about choices after all. :-)