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A Compact JavaScript Framework for Mobile Webkit

ChocolateChip is a jQuery-like framework. It retains its small size by avoiding desktop and legacy browser support, choosing to support the latest standards in modern mobile browsers using Webkit.

Although it resembles jQuery it differs in that there is no object obfuscation when you get a node or a node collection. At any time you can switch to using regular JavaScript with ChocolateChip. For example, in ChocolateChip you get real “this” not $(this). ChocolateChip differs from jQuery in that it does not hide node results in an internal iterator. If you want one node, you use $(selector). If you want to get a collection of nodes you use $$(selector). $(selector) will always return the first match it finds. $(selector) will return a collection of all matches. ChocolateChip converts the collection to an array so that you can use array methods on it, such as forEach, map, indexOf, filter, etc.