Dojo Objective Harness (D.O.H.) at gos.i
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Dojo Objective Harness (D.O.H.)

D.O.H. is both an acronym of Dojo Objective Harness and a play on the now commonplace expression of frustration ‘DOH!’. But aside from the very silly name it is a unit test framework developed by the Dojo Toolkit Community (primarily by Alex Russell), in an attempt to solve the complexities of testing JavaScript. For example, in JavaScript, the use of XHR to request remote data asynchronously is commonplace … and yet few Unit Test frameworks provided any mechanism by which to actually be able test asynchronous functions. Furthermore, most Unit Test Frameworks end up with specific dependencies on certain browsers or runtime environments. Again, D.O.H. tries not to limit itself in this manner, it’s both flexible, extendable, and runs in many environments from browsers to JS runtime environments such as Rhino.

It’s main purpose is a framework for developers (both dojo committers and others), to unit test out JavaScript functions and custom widgets. Its goal isn’t soo much as a way to test a full-blown web application as it is to test the parts that make up the applications in a cross-browser (and even non-browser), compatible manner. By having a good set of unit tests, developers can feel confident that code changes they later make do not cause regressions in existing functions.