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Java on Coffeescript.

Doppio is a project to get Java running in the browser without any plug-ins. Right now it comprises a fairly complete VM and an implementation of the javap bytecode disassembler. (Doppio is also the Italian word for 'double', and is another name for a double espresso.)

Doppio started out as the mid-term project for a Graduate Systems Seminar. It has since taken on a life of its own, and is complete enough to run implementations of GNU Diff, LZW compression, and the Java 4 compiler. Here's what's supported thus far:

  • All 200 opcodes
  • Exact emulation of Java's primitive types, include the 64-bit long
  • Generics
  • Most of the Reflection API
  • File and Standard I/O
  • Major JDK libraries such as String, Pattern, and HashMap.