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Eiffel, short for “The Eiffel Development Framework™”, is a comprehensive approach to software development. It consists of the Eiffel methodology for the beginning-to-end construction of robust, reusable software; the Eiffel language, which supports the methodology; and EiffelStudio™, the environment that contains the Eiffel compiler and the complete set of productivity tools which make the development environment. The individual parts fit together with and support each other's function in the pursuit of making the best software possible. Simply put, Eiffel is the most robust, reusable and secure integrated multiplatform development environment on the market.

No other software development system has been designed to work in such a simple and powerful way.

The results of this approach and design are staggering. Productivity increases. Cost of ownership goes down. Quality levels go up.

Eiffel takes companies' software to a level of efficiency and reliability far above the capabilities of other languages and development tools.