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CSS-On-Diet 1 vote

Easy and fast CSS preprocessor

CSS-On-Diet is a preprocessor for CSS files. The key feature are mnemonics for frequently used properties and value names, which are similar to Emmet abbreviations. Other goodies include intuitive media breakpoints, optional colons and semicolons, nested and one line comments, variables and mixins, calculator, hexadecimal RGBA.

Exchange Money Handling Ruby Gem 0 votes

Handling Money in Your Ruby App is Easy

Exchange is a library helping you to deal with money in your ruby application. It features an intuitive DSL, measures to prevent floating point errors, currency conversion, typecasting, formatting options and more. It's goal is to make your life easier by dealing with money in decimal format with the precision of your choice and relieving you of most of the pitfalls involved in money handling.

YAKINDU Statechart Tools 1 vote

statecharts, harel, uml, state diagram, statemachine

Yakindu Statechart Tools (SCT) is an Open-Source-Tool for the specification and development of reactive, event-driven systems with the help of state machines. It consists of an easy-to-use tool for graphical editing and provides validation, simulation and code generators for different target platforms.

The main features of Yakindu Statechart tools are:
+ smart combination of textual and graphical modeling
+ syntactic and semantic validation of the state machines
+ executable models via the simulation engine
+ code generators for Java, C and C++

I18n_dashboard 1 vote

Rails Engine for I18n management with redis as backend

I18n Dashboard

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Rails Engine for I18n management with redis as backend.




Add this line to your application's Gemfile:

gem 'i18n_dashboard'

And then execute:

$ bundle

Modify your config/routes.rb and add:

mount I18nDashboard::Engine => '/i18n_dashboard'

Add to the bottom of config/environment.rb or in rake task.


Redis configuration:

I18nDashboard::Engine.redis =


I18nDashboard.configure do |config|
  config.layout = 'admin'
  config.inline_main_app_named_routes = true 

If change the layout you should keept in mind:

  • Add //= require i18n_dashboard/application to your javascript.
  • Specify the path to te partials render 'application/admin_menu' instead of render 'admin_menu'.
  • Add prefix main_app to the main app routes or set inline_main_app_named_routes = true.


  1. Fork it
  2. Create your feature branch (git checkout -b my-new-feature)
  3. Commit your changes (git commit -am 'Add some feature')
  4. Push to the branch (git push origin my-new-feature)
  5. Create new Pull Request

Gitsu 0 votes

User management and pairing for Git

Gitsu allows you to quickly switch between configured Git users. It also allows you to switch to multiple users for pairing.

Fork it on Github

Dojo Toolkit 0 votes

Unbeatable JavaScript Tools

Dojo saves you time and scales with your development process, using web standards as its platform. It’s the toolkit experienced developers turn to for building high quality desktop and mobile web applications.
From simple websites to large packaged enterprise applications whether desktop or mobile, Dojo will meet your needs.

Mobello 0 votes

Build great HTML5 mobile apps

Mobello is high performance javascript UI framework for HTML5 mobile apps. Mobello is scalable and robust framework suited for fast and rich user interface. Mobello is provided under the LGPL license and is available on GitHub for forking and contribution.

QuipoJS 0 votes

Micro JavaScript Library

QuipoJS is a minimalist, modular and object-oriented Javascript library with a goal of only 8-12k. It allows you to write powerful, flexible and cross-browser code with an elegant, well documented and micro coherent API. You just have to concentrate on getting stuff done.

QuipoJS simplifies the way you work and executes fast. It is great for mobile web development and comes with all mobile event handlers like tap, double tap, touch, swipe, etc. QuipoJS currently works on iOS, Android, Blackberry 5+ and WebOS mobile devices.

Quipo is released under the MIT License. Free to use and modify, developer and bussiness-friendly license.

Mobify.js 0 votes

Remix your HTML, CSS and JavaScript for better mobile sites.

Mobify.js is an open source client-side web framework that helps you adapt any website to support any device. Powering millions of daily mobile visits to your favourite websites.

Unify 0 votes

Native-like applications for smartphones, tablets and desktops

Unify was built to improve the development efficiency of apps for smartphones. Currently it supports smartphones based on the platforms iOS, Android and WebOS. There is support for desktop operating systems like Windows or Mac OS as well.

The software makes use of a whole range of modern web technologies such as HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. A typical end user should not be able to distinguish an application built with Unify from a natively programmed application. Unify bypasses the traditional limitations of the web browser. Detecting the current geo location, accessing the file system, etc. is easy to implement.

There are a lot of benefits of this approach. First it saves money and improves time-to-market. Secondly it reduces follow-up costs as only one implementation needs to be developed further. JavaScript and web technology is improved rapidly at the moment. Just-in-Time compilers and graphic acceleration will be widely support in the upcoming quarters.

Unify is made available under a dual license: MIT + Apache, Version 2.0

QuoJS 0 votes

Micro JavaScript Library

QuoJS is a micro, modular, Object-Oriented and concise JavaScript Library that simplifies HTML document traversing, event handling, and Ajax interactions for rapid mobile web development. It allows you to write powerful, flexible and cross-browser code with its elegant, well documented, and micro coherent API.

LungoJS 0 votes

HTML5 Mobile Framework... and stuff.

Meet the first Mobile Framework that uses the actual features of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

Core Features

  • Make Apps for iOS, Android & Blackberry devices.
  • Leverages the capabilities of current mobile devices.
  • Easy implementation of HTML5 features like WebSQL, Orientation, Connection and more…
  • Capture touch events like swipe, tap, doubletap…
  • Easy to extend with Sugars to sweeten your apps.
  • Fully customizable design.
  • Distribute Apps in Mobile Stores or in websites.

ChocolateChip 0 votes

A Compact JavaScript Framework for Mobile Webkit

ChocolateChip is a jQuery-like framework. It retains its small size by avoiding desktop and legacy browser support, choosing to support the latest standards in modern mobile browsers using Webkit.

Although it resembles jQuery it differs in that there is no object obfuscation when you get a node or a node collection. At any time you can switch to using regular JavaScript with ChocolateChip. For example, in ChocolateChip you get real “this” not $(this). ChocolateChip differs from jQuery in that it does not hide node results in an internal iterator. If you want one node, you use $(selector). If you want to get a collection of nodes you use $$(selector). $(selector) will always return the first match it finds. $(selector) will return a collection of all matches. ChocolateChip converts the collection to an array so that you can use array methods on it, such as forEach, map, indexOf, filter, etc.

iUI 0 votes

web framework for smartphones & high-end devices

iUI is a framework consisting of a JavaScript library, CSS, and images for developing advanced mobile webapps.
Made with only iPhone in mind in the first place (reason of i UI), we now supports most smartphones & tablets.

iUI has the following features:

  • Create Navigational Menus and iPhone-style interfaces from standard HTML
  • Use or knowledge of JavaScript is not required to create modern mobile web pages
  • Ability to handle phone orientation changes
  • Provide a more “iPhone-like” experience in your Web apps

iUI doesn't come with dozens of transitions styles or hundreds of built-in UI elements like you can find in bigger frameworks like JQueryMobile or Sencha. And this is on purpose.

We really want to keep core code as lightweight as possible.

Mobilize.js 0 votes

A HTML5 and Javascript framework to transform websites to mobile sites

Mobilize.js is a HTML5 and Javascript framework to transform websites to mobile sites. It allows you to create a mobile site from your existing web content easily.

Mobilize.js is a solution for

  • Creating a mobile version of an existing web site
  • Adding mobile support for CMS, eCommerce or other web platform
  • Adding mobile support for your web themes

Mobilize.js is a developer solution: experience with HTML and Javascript needed.
Mobilize.js is superior to existing open or proprietary mobile site solutions

  • Easy to integrate: only one <script> tag needed
  • Bulk mobilization for free - focus on more value adding features
  • Uses technologies familiar to front end developers: HTML5, Javascript, jQuery, jQuery Mobile. Mobilize.js works with any backend programming language: PHP, Java, Python.
  • Open source: no expensive subscription or Software-as-a-Service partners needed.

DHTMLX Touch 0 votes

Free JavaScript Mobile Framework for HTML5 Web Apps

DHTMLX Touch is a free open source JavaScript library for building HTML5-based mobile web apps. It's not just a set of UI widgets, but a complete framework that allows you to create eye-catching, robust web applications that run on iOS, Android, and other mobile platforms.

Sencha Touch 0 votes

Build Mobile Web Apps with HTML5

Sencha Touch 2, a high-performance HTML5 mobile application framework, is the cornerstone of the Sencha HTML5 platform. Built for enabling world-class user experiences, Sencha Touch 2 is the only framework that enables developers to build fast and impressive apps that work on iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Kindle Fire, and more.