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Komodo Edit is a free text editor for dynamic programming languages introduced in January 2007. With the release of version 4.3, Komodo Edit is built on top of the Open Komodo project.

Komodo Edit inherits many features of the commercial Komodo IDE, like the full range of supported languages (Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, Tcl, SQL, Smarty) and platforms (Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows ). It can edit remote files over FTP. And like Komodo IDE, Komodo Edit also supports client-side languages like JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and XML.

It was developed for programmers who need a multi-language editor with broad functionality, but not the features of an IDE, like debugging, DOM viewer, interactive shells, and source code control integration.

It features an extensions mechanism based on Mozilla's Add-ons - extensions can be searched for, downloaded, configured, installed and updated directly from the application. Available extensions include a functions list, pipe features, additional language support and user interface enhancements..

Poedit 0 votes

Poedit is cross-platform gettext catalogs (.po files) editor. It is built with wxWidgets toolkit and can run on any platform supported by it (although it was only tested on Unix with GTK+ and Windows). It aims to provide more convenient approach to editing catalogs than launching vi and editing the file by hand.