Nettle 0 votes

Nettle is a cryptographic library that is designed to fit easily in a wide range of toolkits and applications. It began as a collection of low-level crypto functions from lsh in 2001. Since June 2009, with version 2.0, it is a GNU package.

Nettle can be used by GnuTLS as an alternative to parts of libgcrypt.

Libgcrypt 0 votes

libgcrypt is a cryptographic library developed as a separated module of GnuPG. It can also be used independently of GnuPG, although it requires its error-reporting library.

Libgcrypt features its own multiple precision arithmetic implementation, with assembler implementations for a variety of processors, including alpha, amd64, HP PA-RISC, i386, i586, m68k, mips3, powerpc, and sparc. It also features an entropy gathering utility, coming in different versions for Unix-like and Windows machines.