Handlebars 0 votes

Minimal Templating on Steroids

Handlebars provides the power necessary to let you build semantic templates effectively with no frustration.
Mustache templates are compatible with Handlebars, so you can take a Mustache template, import it into Handlebars, and start taking advantage of the extra Handlebars features.

Babajs 0 votes

Javascript Templating Engine - The most comprehensive Javascript templating framework

BabaJS is an open source Javascript template manager.
The basic concept is: Template + Data = HTML

Closure Templates 0 votes

Closure Templates are a client- and server-side templating system that helps you dynamically build reusable HTML and UI elements. They have a simple syntax that is natural for programmers, and you can customize them to fit your application's needs. In contrast to traditional templating systems, in which you must create one monolithic template per page, you can think of Closure Templates as small components that you compose to form your user interface. You can also use the built-in message support to easily localize your applications.

Closure Templates are implemented for both JavaScript and Java, so that you can use the same templates on both the server and client side. They use a data model and expression syntax that work for either language. For the client side, Closure Templates are precompiled into efficient JavaScript.

Mustache.js 0 votes

What could be more logical awesome than no logic at all?

mustache.js is an implementation of the Mustache templating system in JavaScript.

Mustache is a logic-less template syntax. It can be used for HTML, config files, source code - anything. It works by expanding tags in a template using values provided in a hash or object.

We call it “logic-less” because there are no if statements, else clauses, or for loops. Instead there are only tags. Some tags are replaced with a value, some nothing, and others a series of values.

KiTE 0 votes

KiTE is a Template Engine for JavaScript

KiTE is a Template Engine for JavaScript that uses {{mustache}} alike TDL (template definition language) with following characteristics:

  1. Fast - 25 times faster than {{mustache}}, slightly slower than jQote2 (fastest TE so far).
  2. Lightweight - 180 LOC
  3. Supports conditional sections and custom formatters.

Transparency 0 votes

minimal template engine for the browser

Transparency is a minimal template engine for jQuery. It maps JSON objects to DOM elements with zero configuration. Just call .render()

Tim 0 votes

A tiny, secure JavaScript micro-templating script.

Tim lets you write simple templates that uses JavaScript's familiar dot notation. You pass in a JavaScript object that contains all the relevant strings, and they are then substituted into the template.

DoT.js 0 votes

The fastest + concise javascript template engine for nodejs and browsers.

doT.js was created in search of the fastest and concise JavaScript templating function with emphasis on performance under V8 and nodejs. It shows great performance for both nodejs and browsers.