doctest.js 0 votes

Unit testing for JavaScript made simple

Doctest/JS is a port of a widely used testing module doctest from the Python world. The original doctest is by Tim Peters.
Doctest was originally written to test documentation, but it's also an embodiment of a more general pattern of example-oriented testing. Tests are made up of code and the code's output, almost as though each statement is an implicit assertEqual. In fact there isn't really a need for assert* helpers because it is implicit in all your tests. The doctest/example pattern means by default you'll often find yourself testing more than you intended rather than less. Ultimately you want to test just the right amount, but I feel doctest errs on the right side of sensitivity.

Buster.JS 0 votes

Buster.JS is a browser JavaScript testing toolkit. It does browser testing with browser automation (think JsTestDriver), qunit style static html page testing, testing in headless browsers (phantomjs, jsdom, …), and more.

YUI Library 0 votes

The YUI Library is a set of utilities and controls, written with JavaScript and CSS, for building richly interactive web applications using techniques such as DOM scripting, DHTML and AJAX. YUI is available under a BSD license and is free for all uses.

YUI is proven, scalable, fast, and robust. Built by frontend engineers at Yahoo! and contributors from around the world, it's an industrial-strength JavaScript library for professionals who love JavaScript.

Author: Yahoo Inc.
Revision Control: Git
Licence: BSD Licence
Country of Origin: United States

Yeti 0 votes

Yeti is a command-line tool for launching JavaScript unit tests in a browser and reporting the results without leaving your terminal. Yeti is designed to work with existing unmodified YUI-based tests.

Yeti is designed to help you run tests before you commit. It compliments existing CI tools like Selenium and Hudson which run tests post-commit. Yeti is not a replacement for those tools.

Testem 0 votes

Test’em ’Scripts!

Javascript unit testing can be tedious and painful. Testem aims to make Javascript unit testing in browsers as easy as it possibly can be - so that you will no longer have any excuse for not writing tests. Testem supports Jasmine, QUnit and Mocha right out of the box, and can be made to work with others via custom test framework adapters. It supports two distinct use-cases: the test-driven-development(TDD) workflow; and continuous integration(CI).

Chutzpah 0 votes

A JavaScript Test Runner

Chutzpah is an open source JavaScript test runner which helps you integrate JavaScript unit testing into your website. It enables you to run JavaScript unit tests from the command line and from inside of Visual Studio. It also supports running in the TeamCity continuous integration server.

Chutzpah supports both the QUnit and Jasmine testing frameworks.
Chutzpah uses the PhantomJS headless browser to run your tests.

JSUnit 0 votes

The original unit-testing framework for JavaScript.

JsUnit is a Unit Testing framework for client-side (in-browser) JavaScript. It is essentially a port of JUnit to JavaScript. Also included is a platform for automating the execution of tests on multiple browsers and mutiple machines running different OSs.

QUnit 0 votes

A JavaScript Unit Testing framework.

QUnit is a powerful, easy-to-use JavaScript unit test suite. It’s used by the jQuery, jQuery UI and jQuery Mobile projects and is capable of testing any generic JavaScript code, including itself!

Pavlov 0 votes

Behavioral API over QUnit

Pavlov extends JavaScript testing framework QUnit with a rich, higher-level, Behavioral API with the following:


  • Nested examples (describes)
  • Cascading befores and afters (setups and teardowns)
  • Generative row tests
  • Fluent, extendable, assertions with intelligent messages
  • Spec stubbing
  • Simplified async support
  • Non-DOM-polluting

wru 0 votes

essential unit test framework

wru is an essential general purpose test framework compatible with web environment, node.js, Rhino, and now PhantomJS too.

FuncUnit 0 votes

Web application testing framework

FuncUnit is a free, open source, web application testing framework that focuses on making tests fun and enjoyable.

If you know jQuery, you already know the API.

FuncUnit is the part of the full stack JavaScript framework - JavaScriptMVC

Enhance JS 0 votes

improve the quality

Enhance JS is a lightweight Open Source JavaScript unit testing framework with support for mocks and stubs, written in JavaScript, for JavaScript and CoffeeScript. Using a simple and natural unit testing syntax, Enhance JS is the best option for developers who want to get started fast with unit tests, mocks and stubs.

Dojo Objective Harness (D.O.H.) 0 votes

D.O.H. is both an acronym of Dojo Objective Harness and a play on the now commonplace expression of frustration ‘DOH!’. But aside from the very silly name it is a unit test framework developed by the Dojo Toolkit Community (primarily by Alex Russell), in an attempt to solve the complexities of testing JavaScript. For example, in JavaScript, the use of XHR to request remote data asynchronously is commonplace … and yet few Unit Test frameworks provided any mechanism by which to actually be able test asynchronous functions. Furthermore, most Unit Test Frameworks end up with specific dependencies on certain browsers or runtime environments. Again, D.O.H. tries not to limit itself in this manner, it’s both flexible, extendable, and runs in many environments from browsers to JS runtime environments such as Rhino.

It’s main purpose is a framework for developers (both dojo committers and others), to unit test out JavaScript functions and custom widgets. Its goal isn’t soo much as a way to test a full-blown web application as it is to test the parts that make up the applications in a cross-browser (and even non-browser), compatible manner. By having a good set of unit tests, developers can feel confident that code changes they later make do not cause regressions in existing functions.

tyrtle 0 votes

JavaScript Unit Testing Framework

A Javascript unit testing framework for the browser and NodeJS. Tyrtle has been designed to be simple and legible, without polluting the global namespace.

BITE 0 votes

Browser Integrated Testing Environment

BITE is a suite of tools that lets you test the web from the web, offering tools that inform and accelerate manual and exploratory testing. It is currently available as an extension for the Chrome browser.

BITE offers:

  • In-browser bug reporting which grabs context.
  • Test suite management.
  • Visualization of bugs that have already been filed against a page.
  • Automatic recording and playback of user actions on a page.