Kopal 4 votes

Distributed and Decentralised Social Networking Platform.

Kopal is a set of standards that lets you be part of web-wide social network using your very own URI as your identity. Kopal is decentralised and distributed and no single authority controls the network. Best of all it is an open standard, for any one to hack in.

Author: Vikrant Chaudhary
Repository: https://code.google.com/p/kopal/
Revision Control: Mercurial
Licence: MIT/X11 Licence
Country of Origin: India

Ruby on Rails 2 votes

Web development that doesn't hurt

Ruby on Rails is an open-source web framework that's optimised for programmers happiness and sustainable productivity. It lets you write beautiful code by favoring convention over configuration.

mini_record 0 votes

MiniRecord is a micro extension for our ActiveRecord gem. With MiniRecord you can add the ability to create columns outside the default schema.rb, directly in your model in a similar way that should know in others projects like DataMapper, MongoMapper or MongoID.


1. Define columns/properties inside your model
2. Perform migrations automatically
3. Auto upgrade your schema, so if you know what you are doing you don't lost your existing data!
4. Add, Remove, Change Columns; Add, Remove, Change indexes

Homebrew 0 votes

The missing package manager for OS X

Homebrew is the easiest and most flexible way to install the UNIX tools Apple didn't include with OS X.

Easily adapt Homebrew formula to your needs. And since it's all Git underneath your changes are merged automatically with upstream updates.

Homebrew formula are simple Ruby scripts.

Redcar 1 vote

Redcar is a programmer's text editor for GNOME, written in Ruby and Vala (a curious C# like language for use with GNOME), by Daniel B Lucraft.
Redcar probably isn't going to be your next editor, at least not yet. It's still in its early stages with version 0.1 only being released a week ago and you have to get it running from source (no binary distributions yet). Despite all of this, it already boasts compatibly with Textmate highlighting, snippets, and quite a lot of Textmate bundle commands. It's GPL2 licensed, too. The code is available in a Github repository.

Despite the focus on GNOME, it should be possible to get Redcar running on both Windows and Mac OS X as well as Linux, but I've personally found the dependencies for Ruby-GNOME2 to be an absolute beast to install on OS X.

Rack 0 votes

Rack provides minimal, modular and adaptable interface for developing
web applications in Ruby. By wrapping HTTP requests and responses in
the simplest way possible, it unifies and distills the API for web
servers, web frameworks, and software in between (the so-called
middleware) into a single method call.

Also see http://rack.rubyforge.org.

Authors: Christian Neukirchen
Project URL: http://rubygems.org/gems/rack
Source Code: http://github.com/rack/rack
Wiki: http://wiki.github.com/rack/rack/
Documentation: http://rack.rubyforge.org/doc/
Mailing list: http://groups.google.com/group/rack-devel

Mime-types 0 votes

MIME::Types for Ruby originally based on and synchronized with MIME::Types for Perl by Mark Overmeer, copyright 2001 - 2009. As of version 1.15, the data format for the MIME::Type list has changed and the synchronization will no longer happen.
Authors: Austin Ziegler
Project URL: http://rubygems.org/gems/mime-types

Arel 0 votes

Arel is a SQL AST manager for Ruby. It

  1. Simplifies the generation complex of SQL queries
  2. Adapts to various RDBMS systems

It is intended to be a framework framework; that is, you can build your own ORM
with it, focusing on innovative object and collection modeling as opposed to
database compatibility and query generation.
Authors: Aaron Patterson, Bryan Halmkamp, Emilio Tagua, Nick Kallen
Project URL: http://rubygems.org/gems/arel
Source Code: http://github.com/brynary/arel
Bug Tracker: http://arel.lighthouseapp.com/
Wiki: http://wiki.github.com/brynary/arel
Documentation: http://rdoc.info/projects/brynary/arel

Rack-test 0 votes

Rack::Test is a small, simple testing API for Rack apps. It can be used on its
own or as a reusable starting point for Web frameworks and testing libraries
to build on. Most of its initial functionality is an extraction of Merb 1.0's
request helpers feature.
Authors: Bryan Helmkamp
Project URL: http://rubygems.org/gems/rack-test

Erubis 0 votes

Erubis is an implementation of eRuby and has the following features:

  • Very fast, almost three times faster than ERB and about 10% faster than eruby.
  • Multi-language support (Ruby/PHP/C/Java/Scheme/Perl/Javascript)
  • Auto escaping support
  • Auto trimming spaces around '<% %>'
  • Embedded pattern changeable (default '<% %>')
  • Enable to handle Processing Instructions (PI) as embedded pattern (ex. '<?rb … ?>')
  • Context object available and easy to combine eRuby template with YAML datafile
  • Print statement available
  • Easy to extend and customize in subclass
  • Ruby on Rails support

Authors: makoto kuwata
Project URL: http://rubygems.org/gems/erubis