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Haskell to Javascript compiler (via GHC)

Haskell to Javascript translator

Project aims to provide solution to

  • compile modern Haskell libraries to Javascript files and use them in Ajax applications or
  • develop entire Ajax application in Haskell

Previous version of project is located at

This version of GHCJS can be built stand alone or integrated into GHC. You can install both (if you know you want both do Integrated first).


  • A full GHC that also outputs .js files and .jsexe directories when you build.
  • A patched Cabal that installs the .js files along with the .hi ones.
  • Takes a while to install (mostly just follow the regular GHC build instructions).

Stand Alone

  • Uses GHC API to make a ghcjs executable.
  • Quicker to install (because you don't have actually build 7.4).
  • Good for trying out changes in the code generator itself.
  • Still requires some messing with GHC source.