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Unfancy JavaScript w/ "Iced" Extensions

IcedCoffeeScript is a superset of CoffeeScript. The iced interpreter is a drop-in replacement for the standard coffee interpreter; it will interpret almost all existing CoffeeScript programs.

IcedCoffeeScript (ICS) adds two new keywords: await and defer. These additions simply and powerfully streamline asynchronous control flow, both on the server and on the browser. Say goodbye to callback pyramids; say adios to massive code rewrites when synchronization requirements change slightly. Say hello to clean, readable, maintainable control flow for network and asynchronous operations!

The golden rule of CoffeeScript was: “It's just JavaScript”. ICS is doing something deeper. It's selectively running code through a continuation-passing style conversion. Original-style CoffeeScript will compile as before, but code using the new ICS features will be less recognizable. Still, the compiled output is readable and pretty-printed, passes through JavaScript Lint without warnings.