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A compact version of JavaScript

JS11 takes incomplete code and transforms it back into JavaScript. It's smart enough to add in various bits of redundant syntax, and can also transform some common errors and handy shortcuts into working JavaScript code. JS11 is a hybrid dialect that strives for greater readability and programmer effectiveness, whilst maintaining line-number parity with JavaScript. It consists of a language specification and a compiler module.

JS11 adds some nice-to-have features that people often use in JavaScript but have to write out the long way. This includes things like default argument values, named parameters in function calls, a nice way to create private variable scopes, and easy numbered loops.

JS11 can insert “function” keywords, semi-colons, empty function parameter lists, parentheses around for/if/while conditions, and missing wrappers on object literals. It can also insert var, &&, ||, ===, etc. wherever you've used the allowed alternatives.

JS11 uses a series of transformations to turn your code into runnable JavaScript. The compiler preserves line breaks, so the end product should debug line-for-line with your original source code. JS11-compiled JavaScript can be minified by Google Closure Compiler, or others, or deployed as-is.

JS11-generated code will work anywhere that JavaScript can, including browsers and server environments like Node, Akshell or RingoJS. The finished output debugs LINE-FOR-LINE, so if an error pops up on Line 750 you'll know exactly where to look - first time. It works with all the frameworks, libraries, and minifiers that you're already using, so there's no disruption.