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Scalable, elastic, consistent document store

Terrastore is a modern document store which provides advanced scalability and elasticity features without sacrificing consistency.

Based on Terracotta

Terrastore is based on Terracotta, so it relies on an industry-proven, fast (and cool) clustering technology. 


Terrastore is accessed through the universally supported HTTP protocol. 


Terrastore is a distributed document store supporting single-cluster and multi-cluster deployments. 


Terrastore is elastic: you can add and remove nodes dynamically to/from your running cluster(s) with no downtime and no changes at all to your configuration. 

Scalable at the data layer

Terrastore automatically scales your data: documents are partitioned and distributed among your nodes, with automatic and transparent re-balancing when nodes join and leave. 

Scalable at the computational layer

Terrastore automatically scales your computations: query and update operations are distributed to the nodes which actually holds the queried/updated data, minimizing network traffic and spreading computational load. 


Terrastore provides per-document consistency features: you&#x27;re guaranteed to always get the latest value of a single document, with read committed isolation for concurrent modifications. More complex consistency/transactional requirements, such as multi-document consistency, are not supported in order to guarantee scalability. 


Terrastore provides a collection-based key/value interface managing JSON documents with no pre-defined schema: just create your buckets and put everything you want into. 

Easy operations

Install a fully working cluster in just a few commands and no XML to edit.