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Document Oriented Database Services

Thrudb is a set of simple services built on top of the Facebook Apache Thrift framework that provides indexing and document storage services for building and scaling websites. Its purpose is to offer web developers flexible, fast and easy-to-use services that can enhance or replace traditional data storage and access layers.

Thrudb - High Level Features

- Client libraries for most languages
- Incremental backups and redo logging
- Multiple storage backends (BerkeleyDB, Disk, MySQL, S3 included)
- Memcache and Spread integration.
- Built for horizontal scalability
- Simple and powerful search service 

Thrudb - Services

- Thrudoc - Document storage service
- Thrudex - Indexing and search service
- Thruqueue - Persistent message queue service (read more)
- Throxy - Scaling service