Underscore-CLI at gos.i
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Command-line utility-belt for hacking JSON and Javascript.

Underscore-CLI is:

  • FLEXIBLE - THE “swiss-army-knife” tool for processing JSON data - can be used as a simple pretty-printer, or as a full-powered Javascript command-line
  • POWERFUL - Exposes the full power and functionality of underscore.js (plus underscore.string, json:select, and CoffeeScript)
  • SIMPLE - Makes it simple to write JS one-liners similar to using “perl -pe”
  • CHAINED - Multiple command invokations can be chained together to create a data processing pipeline
  • MULTI-FORMAT - Rich support for input / output formats - pretty-printing, strict JSON, etc. See Data Formats
  • DOCUMENTED - Excellent command-line documentation with multiple examples for every command